2JZ Exhaust Manifold

2JZ Exhaust Manifold

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All of our Exhaust Manifolds are entirely stainless steel (including ALL flanges), back purged, and TIG welded by hand in North America.  Careful consideration for runner length, collector design, orientation, wastegate placement, and turbine flow characteristics ensure optimal performance.

Our  2JZ manifolds allow for adaptation to your turbocharger and wastegate of choice, and are built around a twin-merge collector orientation and dual wastegates for twin-scroll T4 turbines.  Equal Length Runners and efficient management of Exhaust Pulses and Wastegate Flow provide exceptional performance, and has been proven to support well over 1000WHP with a broad torque band. 

For Those looking to utilize a single-scroll, V-band Turbine, we suggest the Artec Performance Investment-Cast Stainless Exhaust Manifold. This Compact designs offers tons of clearance for engine mounts, and ample access to ALL Head Flange fasteners. Suitable for most mid-frame V-band Turbines and 44/45mm Wastegate.

The inherent serviceability and durability offered by this design is a perfect fit for those competing in Drifting or Circuit Racing. The Performance available is also impressive with it's low pre-Turbine Volume offering fantastic transient response.

Please note that our current lead time on fabricated product is 4 weeks.  Please email info@spectrummotorsportssolutions.com for more information.

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