2JZ Exhaust Manifold

2JZ Exhaust Manifold

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New for 2022, we have partenered with Artec Performance Australia to offer full Turbo kits built around their Investment-Cast Exhaust manifold Line. If you are looking for just the Manifolds themselves however, we still have you covered!

 There are two main options available for this application, with more on the way! - 

2JZ GTE T4 Divided Top Mount Dual 45mm External Wastegate Exhaust Manifold

2JZ GTE V-Band (Compact) Single 45mm External Wastegate Exhaust Manifold

The 2JZ GTE T4 Divided design from ARTEC Performance uses a universal T4 Divided Flange and is designed to accommodate dual 45mm external wastegates.

The 2JZ GTE V-Band (Compact) design from ARTEC Performance uses a universal V-Band Flange mounting system and is designed to accommodate a 45mm external wastegate. Extremely compact design keeps pre-Turbine volume to a minimum.

For Those looking to utilize a single-scroll, V-band Turbine, we suggest the Artec Performance Investment-Cast Stainless Exhaust Manifold. This Compact designs offers tons of clearance for engine mounts, and ample access to ALL Head Flange fasteners. Suitable for most mid-frame V-band Turbines and 44/45mm Wastegate.

The inherent serviceability and durability offered by this design is a perfect fit for those competing in Drifting or Circuit Racing. The Performance available is also impressive with it's low pre-Turbine volume offering fantastic transient response.

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