R32 GTR Intercooler Kit

R32 GTR Intercooler Kit

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Our Intercooler Kit for the R32 GTR is designed to be the perfect match to any RB26 Single Turbocharger kit, Or Twin-Turbo kit without BOV recirculation. 

Built around one of two different high-efficiency bar and plate Intercooler Cores, this kit features CAD designed End Tanks, Optimized and formed for low-volume and even pressure distribution. Fabricated and TIG welded in house, these Intercoolers are designed to utilize as much available room within the constraints of the OEM Bumper Support, Aux. Electric Fan, and Bumper space without unnecessarily obstructing Radiator airflow. At 4" Thick, these heat exchangers are substantially thicker than almost all stock fitment Intercooler upgrades on the market. 

750hp Kit Features a 4"x10"x22" Vibrant Intercooler Core 

900hp Kit Features an even larger high-density Garrett Intercooler Core

Both variants include 3" Aluminum Intercooler piping, Black Silicone Couplers, and fully  stainless clamps. 

Please note that our current lead time is 3 weeks.  Please email info@spectrummotorsportssolutions.com for more information.