GT-R | VR38 Twin Turbocharger Upgrade

GT-R | VR38 Twin Turbocharger Upgrade

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Staying competitive in the extremely advanced R35 GTR performance market requires effective research and development as well as an intricate understanding of the VR38 engine. Our turbocharger offerings for the Nissan GTR reflect a combination of extensive turbocharger specific design experience, and GTR build and tuning experience from one of the experts in the space, Bill Bowering and the Independent Speed Shop. 

Each GTR turbo kit is built to order, and includes detailed and specific application work for exact compressor and turbine match and a perfect balance of response and all-out power. Adjustment and optimization of all aspects of these turbochargers is possible to adapt to any power output. We can also provide turbocharger to upgrade or retrofit existing Turbocharger kits from other Manufacturers. 

While some offer upgrades built around the OEM journal bearing IHI cartridge, we feel it best to utilize our ceramic ball bearing cartridge design, featuring M50 bearing races and silver-plated 4340 chromoly bearing cages, to ensure durability at elevated pressure ratios and rotor speeds.  All options for the GTR avoid journal and thrust bearings altogether. 

Our unique bearing housing is designed specifically for this application, and is available with either cast-iron or Aluminum alloy, and with dual coolant port orientation to allow fitment of the OEM Oil feed and water lines. This avoids the common issues seen with braided AN lines around the OEM turbo-fold, causing thermal failures and leakage. This cartridge design also incorperates twin piston rings on either end of the turbocharger, guaranteeing leak-free sealing even at high boost levels.

Unlike others on the market, our CHRA and Turbine interface design is highly optimized, and avoids many of the typical weak points and shortcomings related to using off-the-shelf CHRA geometry. With the interface diameters, heat shield, and clamping system specifically designed for usage with the compact size of the OEM Turbine volute and casting, increased Turbine Efficiency as well as durability is realized. All Turbine related components, from the Heat Shield, to the Clamps, Sleeves, and Fasteners are machined from high-grade billet Stainless, suited for high temperatures while maintaining corrosion resistance. Optimized porting of the Wastegate flow paths completes the turbine stage, allowing for accurate boost control without creep.

Our two options utilizing the OEM Compressor allow for usage with stock inlets or stock-fitment upgrade inlets. Our proprietary Billet Ported Shroud Compressor insert improves Compressor Surge margin, while also increasing Efficiency at high flow rates. Our unique O-ring face seal design allows for better inlet flow than the stock gasket diameter provides (with aftermarket inlet pipes).  Our 51/R specification provides up to 98lb/min of combined airflow and supports up to 950WHP and 30PSI through two 51mm Inducer Compressors with stock-like spool.The 54/R specification increases output capabilities to over 1000whp, with larger compressors and 55mm Turbines. 

Achieving further improvements in stock-manifold performance requires upgrading to an Aftermarket Compressor Housing and Intakes capable of supporting additional airflow.  Our in-house designed, 3" Housing kit improves Compressor efficiency  throughout the power band, improving torque and HP from spool to redline. This kit includes all necessary oil and water lines as well as 3" tubular intakes with K&N air filters. 

For all-out OEM manifold Performance, our flagship R35 turbocharger upgrades to a larger 4" Inlet Compressor housing and a 62mm Exducer turbine. With either 58mm or 61mm Compressors available, and the improved flow and boost capabilities provided by these larger turbines, 40+ PSI and up to 1500 crank horsepower is possible. All necessary oil and water line components are included, along with 3.5" intakes, couplers, and Air Filters

All our R35 turbocharger kits are custom built to suit. please email to discuss your specific application.

Our current lead time for this kit is 3 weeks.  Please email for more information.