SR20 | S13 / S14 / S15 Turbocharger Upgrade

SR20 | S13 / S14 / S15 Turbocharger Upgrade

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Our SR20 Bolt-On system range of Turbochargers, Exhaust Manifolds, and Turbocharger kits for the SR20 engine is unmatched in the industry.
Regardless of your power goals or intended vehicle usage, we can offer a perfectly optimized option to support your airflow requirement.  As always, please email for other custom variations or unlisted offerings.

All Our Internally Wastegated SR20 turbine housings are cast with high-Nickel Ni-Resist D5-S material, and feature a large-diameter Inconel 713C Wastegate assembly for improved Wastegate flow capabilities and reliable operation at high temperatures. Turbine Fitment accepts stock-fitment Manifolds and Downpipes.

Compressor Housings come standard with 3" inlet / 2" outlet Coupler connections, however are also available with OEM fitment (S15) inlet and Outlet bolted flanges.


SM400/R - The best of both worlds.

Our 47mm compressor is perfect for the typical street or drift SR20.  The extended-tip 60mm exducer and advanced aerodynamics result in optimal shaft speed and high turbine efficiency.  Peak compressor efficiency is seen from 12-18 PSI, making it a good match for pump fuels, However camshaft upgrades and Flex fuel / E85 makes for a perfect combination.



SM450/R - Perfectly matched Turbocharger Characteristics.

Moving to a 51mm Compressor allows for additional pressure ratio and flow rate, and will support a substantial increase in power with a minor (upward) shifting of the powerband. Full boost before 4000RPM and 450whp till 8000RPM is achievable with E85 and supporting modifications, with the ability to support 30PSI of boost if required.


SM425/X - Ultimate Response.

For 2021, a new 48mm hybrid Compressor offering is available for those after the best possible Transient Response and overall Powerband. This point-milled Compressor wheel reduces Inertia, and is housed in Ported Shroud Housing optimized for High Efficiency EVERYWHERE in the RPM band. Due to the high blade speed ratio afforded by this Compressor, max boost should be limited to 22psi on most setups.

All of our turbochargers are built to order to meet your exact requirements and specifications.  Our current lead time for this turbocharger is 2 to 3 weeks.  Please email for more information.