55/R Turbocharger

55/R Turbocharger

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New for 2021!

Optimized for 2.0-2.5L displacement engines with power outputs between 450 and 600BHP, the SR/55 turbocharger is well suited to many high performance modern engine applications. It's 55mm compressor inducer supports flow rates of 60 lb/min, providing impressive spool and response with suprising power capabilities.

Optional compressor shroud designs further increase compressor map width, while also improving compressor efficiency closer to surge, resulting in impressive spool characteristics and low to mid range engine torque output.  Based around a patented and fully serviceable ball-bearing cartridge featuring second-to-none materials selection throughout, this turbocharger is built to last even under high temperatures and rotor speeds.

A wide range of turbine options are available, allowing for a perfect turbine match under virtually any operating conditions. For most applications, It's standard radial-flow turbine wheel, made of the high-nickel Inconel 713-C superalloy with either .82 or 1.06 A/R open volute housing is a great fit.  However, peak turbine efficiency characteristics can be tailored to unique or heavily optimized applications when opting into the SR58/M motorsports selections. The aforementioned serviceable and modular nature of the CHRA design, in conjunction with our commitment to customer satisfaction and product adaptability, allows for repair, modification, or upgrading of your turbocharger at any time, without the unnecessary re-purchasing of a entire new unit.



Compressor choked flow rate : 60 lb/min (corrected)
Compressor flow range at 2:1 PR: 15-52 lb/min (corrected)
Max. Compressor efficiency: 74%
Max. Pressure ratio: 4:1
Max. Compressor tip speed: 540 M/S (140,000RPM)
Max. Turbine inlet temp: 985C (cast) / 1025C (316SS)


Billet 2816 Aluminum / 5-axis machined wheel
58mm full-bladed inducer
.6 A/R housing volute
Billet Aluminum backplate
4" compressor inlet / 2.5" compressor outlet


Water-cooled, Ball bearing Cartridge
Integrated oil feed restrictor
Silocone Nitride Ceramic balls
M50 bearing rings
Silver-plated 4340 bearing cages


Inconel 713-C turbine wheel w/ 4140 chromoly shaft
55mm  Exducer diameter
 .63, .82 or 1.06 A/R housing Volute
"T3" or V-band Inlet Flange
V-band 3" turbine discharge flange

Optional features:
Billet 6061 ported shroud compressor inlet
Mixed flow turbine blade geometry
316 stainless V-band inlet/outlet .86 or 1.06 A/R turbine housing
"T4" inlet .86 A/R turbine housing (3" V-band discharge flange)
Cerakote Ceramic turbine housing coating
Custom anodizing of any billet aluminum components

All of our turbochargers are built to order for your exact requirements and specifications and our current lead time is 2 weeks.  Please email info@spectrummotorsportssolutions.com for more information.

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