Inner / Outer Motorsports Tie rod Assembly


Our design is completed for a very unique offering for many Japanese Sports cars in Motorsports applications, comprising of a modular inner and outer tie rod system which offers many improvements over the typical offerings in the high performance aftermarket. 

Utilizing a billet stainless dual sheer inner tie rod assembly coupled with a heim joint, this design makes for easy servicing and replacement of wear components and any specific component damaged by excessive compressive forces typically seen in crashes.This allows for easy replacement of the tubular center link in the case of tie rod bending, without requiring the replacement of the entire inner tie rod. This also means the tie rod length can be easily changed or modified by changing a cheap and simple threaded tube. Furthermore, with a single tube and heim joint kept as spares, you can service almost any crash or wear issue quickly and easily track side. 


Our Initial offering is limited to 5 sets, and will come with an introductory price of 350$/set. Machining is underway, with assembly scheduled for early February. Our completion date is March 1st, 2018

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