Specifically designed for 2.6 to 3.4 Liter engine applications with volumetric efficiency near 100% and power output between 750 and 1000bhp, this limited production turbocharger is perfectly suited to a variety of 6 cylinder engines.

Based around the advanced Motorsports specific IHI RX-8 ball bearing CHRA used in CHAMP car, the SX/69R utilizes a 7 blade Billet 69mm inducer Compressor matched with an 80mm diameter Turbine wheel. Each of these units is specifically built for each customer, and allows for almost limitless customization. 

We are currently completing mapping and testing validation, and will be offering these units for sale spring 2018. We have two units available at introductory pricing for fitting applications suited for our extended R&D program.

 please email for inquiries