Z33 350Z Turbcharger Kit

Design, Production, and Testing is underway on our first 2 Turbocharger Kits to suit the Nissan (Z33) 350Z platform. Our design philosophy focused on optimizing efficiency and performance while ensuring a clean and straightforward installation has resulted in a single turbo configuration which discharges into a 3" downpipe on the turbine side and an efficient vertical flow intercooler for the compressor side. Careful consideration has been made to ensure charge pipe and pre-turbine volumes are minimal, and piping diameters are optimized to support between 350 and 600bhp. Utilizing one of two V-band turbine, ball bearing turbochargers with either 58 or 61mm billet compressors, This kit offers impressive value and a perfect fit for almost any 350z.

Once testing and validation is completed, we will be progressing into a 5 piece limited kit run, which will include a lower, introductory price and extended 2 year warranty on all components, including turbocharger. If interested, please email info@spectrummotorsportssolutions.com