1JZ | 2JZ Exhaust Manifold

1JZ | 2JZ Exhaust Manifold

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All of our Exhaust Manifolds are entirely stainless steel (including ALL flanges), back purged, and TIG welded by hand in North America.  Careful consideration for runner length, collector design, orientation, wastegate placement, and turbine flow characteristics ensure optimal performance.

Our 1JZ and 2JZ manifolds allow for adaptation to your turbocharger and wastegate of choice, and can be built with a merge collector for single volute turbines, or a divided collector orientation and dual wastegates for twin-scroll turbines.  Head flanges in stock to suit 1JZ and 2JZ, as well as both VVTi JZ heads.  For JZ cars utilizing Supra (or other slim) engine mounts, our mid-mount manifold utilizes a long runner and equal length design suitable for large frame turbochargers.  Tubular exhaust manifold for top mount twin turbochargers are also available.

Please note that our current lead time is 4 weeks.  Please email info@spectrummotorsportssolutions.com for more information.

All prices are listed in USD.  Taxes applicable to Canadian residences.  Please email directly for inquiries and invoicing in CAD.