ARTEC | 1JZ VVTI OEM Flange Exhaust Flange

1JZ Exhaust Manifold

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New for 2022, we have partenered with Artec Performance Australia to offer full Turbo kits built around their Investment-Cast Exhaust manifold Line. If you are looking for just the Manifolds themselves however, we still have you covered!


For the VVTi 1jz Head, there are two main option available at this time - with more options on the way - 

1JZ VVTI OEM CT-15B Flange Bottom Mount Exhaust Manifold

1JZ VVTI V-Band Bottom Mount Exhaust Manifold

Both of the ARTEC Performance 1JZ VVTI Manifold options come standard with no wastegate port.  Available option to implement custom 40mm or 45mm V-Band EWG port and Glacier Black Ceramic Coating for additional cost.

For the Earlier Non-VVTi 1jz Cylinder head, The Artec T4 divided Top-mount Manifold works fanstastic in a wide range on engine bays, and offers a very good powerband with low volume and a fully divided design.

1JZ Non-VVTI T4 Divided Top Mount Exhaust Manifold

The ARTEC Performance 1JZ Non-VVTI T4 Divided Exhaust Manifold comes standard with a single 45mm V-Band Wastegate Port.  Option for Glacier Black Ceramic Coating for additional cost.