SR20 Bolt-On Turbocharger | S13/S14/S15

SR20 Bolt-On Turbocharger | S13/S14/S15

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Our SM350/R and SM450/R Bolt-On system range of turbochargers and turbocharger kits for the SR20 engine is unmatched in the industry.
Regardless of your power goals or intended vehicle usage, we can offer a perfectly optimized option to support your airflow requirement. 

Please note that a suitable OEM turbocharger core is required for T25 based SM300/R units.


SM300/R - Torque and response.

This turbocharger serves as a perfect initial upgrade for stock SR20 applications where the OEM T25 or T28 turbocharger is insufficient.  The OEM specification turbine wheel and housing is matched with a billet 42mm or 46mm inducer compressor, increasing airflow potential as well as surge resistance and operating efficiency.  This compressor, mated to a rebuilt CHRA with upgraded 360 degree thrust bearing allows for reliability at higher pressure ratios.  Well sized for 250-300BHP


SM350/R and SM400/R - The best of both worlds.

Both of our 46 and 47mm compressors are perfect for the SR20.  The extended-tip 60mm exducer and advanced aerodynamics result in optimal shaft speed and high turbine efficiency.  Peak compressor efficiency can be shifted lower in the RPM range with the 46mm option, or centered nicely in the mid-range with the 47mm compressor.  Both are very well suited for drifting and street usage. 

SM450/R+ - Perfectly matched turbocharger characteristics.

Beyond the horsepower range of the OEM turbine housings and manifold design, lies the requirement for a tubular exhaust manifold.  Utilizing our in-house built 304 stainless steel manifold with features like a merge collector and external wastegate, in either bottom or top mount with T2 or V-band flange configuration. Your turbocharger of choice can be selected to suite your exact requirements, ensuring perfect balance between response and flow range for efficient operation and sound reliability.  Our 42-58mm range of SR turbochargers can support 300-600BHP through the conventional T2 flange or V-band inlet/outlet, and as always, features billet compressor wheels and ceramic ball bearing cartridge technology manufactured, assembled, balanced and built in Canada. 


All of our turbochargers are built to order to meet your exact requirements and specifications.  Our current lead time for this turbocharger is 2 to 3 weeks.  Please email for more information.