JZX100 | VVT-I 1JZ Turbocharger Upgrade

JZX100 | VVT-I 1JZ Turbocharger Upgrade

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SM400/R & SM500/R Bolt-On Turbocharger Systems

Our location in Vancouver, Canada (along with our combined 20 years experience in turbocharger design and manufacturing) puts us at an advantage when it comes to developing a turbocharger for Toyota's VVT-I 1JZ engine found in JZX100 and JZX110 sedans. As these cars have been legal in Canada for some time, we have ample hands-on experience with these unique motors. With legal importation of these vehicles to the USA about to open up, all of North America will soon be able to enjoy these torquey and responsive straight 6's.

If you've been able to drive or even be a passenger in a VVT-i 1jz vehicle, you will understand how well the low and midrange power has been improved over the previous 1st generation 1jz. With the stock engine package however, this has come with a comparative reduction in top end power output.

Our aim at the beginning of the development of these turbochargers is simple: Develop upgrade turbocharger options that are well matched to the low and mid-range Volumetric efficiency of these engines. As with all our products, we aim to maximize value, while also allowing for full customization of your Turbocharger system for motorsports usage.

Please note: OEM turbocharger core Compressor/Turbine Housings are required for SM/R400 turbochargers.

SM400/R- torque and response

utilizing a turbocharger built off our SR/51 ball-bearing turbocharger CHRA, however utilizing a billet compressor wheel optimized for this application, this kit is designed to be a full bolt-on solution for your stock or lighty modified JZX100. Installation with your OEM exhaust manifold and compressor interface points is possible, and at boost levels below 12PSI it can be run on a stock ECU and fueling. Optimized for response and low-mid range torque, this is a perfect option for a reliable street car, or perfect for drift usage. with the proper supporting mods however, this responsive option will still allow for 400BHP. This option requires an OEM CT-15B turbocharger core, as the existing compressor and turbine housing castings are CNC machined to suite the new ball bearing CHRA.

SM500/R- wider power band, reduced back pressure, more power.

Taking the entry level kit a step further, the SM/R500 kit utilizes a slightly larger turbine profile and larger 55mm Turbine Exducer to increase turbine flow characteristics. an upgraded internal wastegate actuator can be calibrated for boost pressures between 12 and 18PSI. Usage with or without upgraded camshafts can still provide impressive results. Output up to 500BHP can be expected with supporting modifications.

SM550/R - Next-Generation Features and Performance

Our Flagship VVTi 1JZ bolt-on turbocharger kit is built around our newly-released 54/R ball-bearing Turbocharger. Turbo features an all-new CHRA is cast from a high-grade Aluminum, reducing mass and allowing for the unit to be fully corrosion resistant. Improved cooling jacket and billet stainless heat shield improve durability at high temperatures, and twin piston rings on both sides of the rotor group increase sealing effectiveness. A new second-gen Billet 54mm Compressor increased flow capabilities by 15%, and is housed within a brand-new Ported 3" Compressor Housing.  This kit comes standard with the intake and discharge tubing and couplers included to allow for deleting of the stock bolted outlet and J-pipe. 


 All of our turbochargers are built to order for your exact requirements and specifications and our current lead time is 2 weeks.  Please email info@spectrummotorsportssolutions.com for more information.

All prices are listed in USD.  Please email directly for inquiries and invoicing in CAD.