RB20/RB25  Bolt-On Turbocharger

RB20/RB25 Bolt-On Turbocharger

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SM350/R & SM450/R Bolt-On Turbocharger Systems

Our turbocharger offerings for the R32/R33/R34 Nissan skylines is something we've been working on and testing in multiple iterations for the better part of 3 years, and we are pleased to finally be able to launch this product line. Dyno results and feedback have been very positive, and this was one niche we knew was worth the continued effort. With constant requests for "hi-flowed" OEM turbochargers, as well as more significant upgrades for both GTS-T's and GTR's, these applications have shown great potential. Whether it is a responsive bolt-on turbo upgrade for your RB20, or a motorsports-grade system for your R34 GT-R, we feel we can provide unmatched value for your skyline project.

Our 3 basic RB turbocharger system offerings are as follows:

Please note: OEM turbocharger core charge is applicable for SM/R350 and SM/R450 kits, and only utilizes the existing OEM compressor and turbine housing castings, re-machined to fit a new ball bearing CHRA. 

*All options feature ceramic ball-bearing cartridges and billet compressor wheels.

SM350/R- Torque and response

utilizing a wheel combination unique to this turbocharger, the SM/R350 is well suited for both stock RB20's wanting more power and reliability than the OE turbo can produce, as well as RB25 applications needing increased response, torque, and power. As with every SM/R turbocharger, this kit is designed to be a full bolt-on to your existing exhaust manifold, downpipe, and compressor connections. A fantastic street and drift combo for your lightly modified skyline, at a very competitive price. Pump-gas output of 350BHP on RB20 and close to 400BHP on RB25 can be expected with supporting mods

SM450/R- More flow, less backpressure, more power.

taking the entry level kit a step further, the SM/R450 kit utilizes a larger compressor wheel from the SR/51 turbocharger to increase horsepower capabilities.This setup is better suited to RB25 applications, or RB20 vehicles with upgraded cams and headgasket. Spool is still very respectable on stock  RB25 engines, however testing has seen over 350whp on pump gas. This turbocharger can also be mated to a modified external wastegate exhaust manifold and 3" V-band downpipe for reliable usage and precise boost control above 400BHP.

SM600/R+ - Ultimate power delivery and horsepower output for motorsports usage.

Beyond the horsepower range of the OEM turbine housings and manifold design, lies the requirement for a tubular, top-mount manifold.Utilizing our in-house built 304 stainless manifold,featuring a merge collector, external wastegate, and T3 or V-band flange, your turbocharger of choice can be selected, however we suggest the 600BHP capable SR/58 and .82 A/R turbine for a very usable and broad mid-high RPM powerband. Downpipe, Intercooler/intake piping, as well as plumbing kits are available to make this a bolt-on affair as with all our SM/R kits.

Please note that our current lead time is 3 weeks.  Please email info@spectrummotorsportssolutions.com for more information.