GTR - RB26DETT Twin Turbo

GTR - RB26DETT Twin Turbo

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Our turbocharger offerings for the R32, R33, and R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R is something we've been working on and testing in multiple iterations for the better part of 3 years, and we are pleased to finally be able to launch this product line. Dyno results and feedback have been very positive, and this was one niche we knew was worth the continued effort. Whether it is a responsive T25 based bolt-on twin turbo kit, or a motorsports-grade single turbo system, we feel we can provide unmatched performance for your GT-R.

SM500/R- OEM fitment. Efficient, reliable power.

Our SM500/R service involves a full rebuild of the OEM twin turbochargers, with upgraded thrust bearings and VSR dynamic balancing. Turbine wheels are upgraded to 11 blade Inconel turbine wheels, allowing for increased shaft speeds and reliability.  Two different billet compressor wheel options ensure proper sizing for 450-500BHP. Delivery of suitable core turbochargers required, and can be built around OEM R32/R33 or R34 turbochargers.


42/R - Power Delivery

The RB26DETT specific 42R turbocharger is the ideal choice for GTR's with typical bolt-on modifications and pump fuel. These responsive 42mm turbochargers fit with OEM manifolds, lines, and charge pipes while still being able to support 550-600BHP with plenty of torque available. Built around two Ceramic Ball Bearing CHRA's for extreme reliability in race conditions, careful design and sizing of the Compressor allows for extremely good response while avoiding compressor surge. Each set comes standard with 10-16PSI adjustable wastegate actuators and hand-ported wastegate port.

46/R - Ultimate GTR Twin Turbo

The 46R Twin Turbo Combination is perfectly matched to the natural powerband of the RB26. With twin 46mm billet Compressor Inducers capable of 37lb/min of airflow each, peak compressor operating efficiency is shifted to Higher RPM, and  larger 84 Trim turbine wheels with .64 A/R turbine housings to help reduce expansion ratio. This turbine match ensures engine delta pressure remains even at high RPM, allowing for over 80% of peak torque from 4500RPM - 8500RPM with 2.6L displacement. These Turbochargers are capable of supporting 700+ BHP with the right 2.6-2.8L Engine package. Each set comes standard with 10-16PSI adjustable wastegate actuators and hand-ported wastegate port.

47/R - All-out Power

The 47R compressor supports an impessive 42lb/min of airflow each in an extremely light and compact package. This turbocharger utilizes a 47mm compressor with ported shroud to ensure a broad flow range, capable of supporting significant boost at 4500RPM and up to 35PSI and 800+ HP at 8500 RPM. Best suited for 2.8L+ and / or High RPM cylinder head packages. Each set comes standard with 10-16PSI adjustable wastegate actuators and hand-ported wastegate port.

Equal-length, Bottom mount, V-band 

When power output and flow rates exceed the capabilities of OEM and replacement cast exhaust manifold, an equal-length, tubular design is preferred. Built around stock turbo placement, but utilizing 316 stainless V-band Turbine Housings allows for simplified service / installation and optimization of A/R and size.  Wastegating can be internal or external, with spent gasses recirculated to both downpipes or vented to atmosphere. Each kit includes turbocharges built to your exact specification to cover 600-1250HP, and includes dual 3" turbine discharge pipes to fit stock Y pipe flanges. Additional custom options include AN oil and water line kits, 3" downpipes / 3.5" Y pipe as well as hot pipe / intake kit.

All of our turbocharger kits are built to order for your exact requirements and specifications and our current lead time is 5 weeks.  Please email for more information.