SR20 | S13 / S14 / S15 Turbocharger Kit

SR20 | S13 / S14 / S15 Turbocharger Kit

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Our full Turbocharger kit for the SR20DET (S13/S14/S15) holds the distinction as being the first for Spectrum Motorsports. 

Our preferred configuration is built around our new top mount, equal length Exhaust Manifold.. CAD designed, and featuring a Hypertune Investment Cast swept collector for improved durability and excellent Wastegate Flow characteristics, this Manifold is paired with the latest versions of our small-frame Turbochargers. 

We can also build kits around any of our bottom-mount Exhaust manifold configuration, however these options are built to order and may have a longer lead time. 

Ultimate power, delivery, and horsepower output for Motorsport and Drift applications.

All of our Exhaust Manifolds are entirely stainless steel (including flanges), are back purged, and TIG welded by hand in our Facility in Vancouver. Our Careful consideration for runner length, collector design, orientation, Wastegate placement, and Turbine flow characteristics ensure optimal performance.

We have compressor and turbine maps available for all our Turbo offerings, and can help with advanced compressor and turbine matching to any unique application. 

New for 2022, we partnered with ARTEC PERFORMANCE and have designed a kit around their V-Band Top Mount Manifold with 45mm EWG port.

Please contact us if you are looking to match a Turbocharger or Configure any options that are not listed in our drop-down menu.

Our Turbocharger spec selections are as follows: 

Up to 350WHP - Spectrum SR/47

Up to 400WHP - Spectrum SR/48X

Up to 450WHP -  Spectrum SR/51

Up to 500WHP - Spectrum SR/55

 Our "Full" turbo kit allows you to upgrade your entire Turbo system without further Fabrication, and includes: 

Exhaust Manifold 
Dual ball bearing Turbocharger Custom Specified for SR20 (300 to 600bhp capable) 
Stainless investment-cast V-band Turbine Housing
Turbosmart Gen V Wastegate
3" Stainless 2-piece V-band Downpipe
Screamer pipe (optional Wastegate recirculation)
Oil and Water Line Installation Kit
Fasteners, clamps, gaskets, heat shielding etc,

**Please note - Professional installation suggested. Fits RHD and LHD, however Heat Shielding is suggested for LHD applications. Requires updated crankcase breathers and may need a slight adjustment to PS reservoir depending on chassis**.

All of our turbocharger kits are built to order for your exact requirements and specifications and our current lead time is 4-6 weeks.  Please email for more information.

All prices are listed in USD.  Please email directly for inquiries and invoicing in CAD.

International shipments may be subject to customs duties and taxes based on location.  Any additional charges relating to this will be the responsibility of the recipient.